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All the Promotional Items You Need in One Place

Those who run their own business or non-profit understand the importance of convenient, all-inclusive services. When you work with Beamz, that’s exactly what you get. We specialize in creating all kinds of promotional items to help you get the word out about your business. Our team is proud to serve Edmonton, AB, and the surrounding towns with exceptional design and a fantastic final product. We can help you design and fabricate nearly any promotional item you want for your organization. Learn more about what we provide.


Products and Services We Offer

Nearly anything can be a promotional item when designed with your company’s logo and branding standards in mind. The team at Beamz can help you come up with the perfect products to spread the word about your business. Simply let us know your ideas and show us examples of current branding, and we’ll take it from there! Don’t have a brand? Our experienced team can create the following items:


Remind your clients of your business every time they take a sip of water with classic engraved drinkware.

Writing Instruments

Branded pens and writing instruments to fit any budget are an excellent way to make sure your clients are reminded of your business each day.


Engraved tech devices are becoming more and more common. From battery backup for your phone and tablet, to thumb drives and flashlights. Ask how we can adapt your devices to your brand.

Outdoor Equipment & Accessories

Our experienced team can even help you create promotional items meant for the great outdoors. Coolers, chairs, and BBQ equipment are only a few examples of the items we can brand.

Bags, Duffels, & Luggage

Take to the skies with your brand! Whenever you travel, by car, plane, or train, be sure to have your company bags, totes, and duffels with you.


Who doesn’t like winning prizes? Surprise your employees and loyal customers with a giveaway of fun, and functional, branded items.


Who wouldn’t want warmth and coziness associated with their brand? Let us emblazon your logo on a blanket using embroidery or a patch. What about engraving your logo directly!

Edmonton’s Source for Promo Items

Whether you are staging a huge giveaway or just want a few pens to pass out to employees, Beamz has you covered. We’re Edmonton’s top choice for all kinds of promotional items. When you work with our team, you’ll have no need for another vendor! We can handle everything from printing and engraving to design and brainstorming services.

Reach Out to Our Team Today