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Beamz Provides Engraving, Printing and Decoration Services

Whether it’s for your building, offices, employees, customers, vehicles, or friends and family, Beamz can help you get what you need. Beamz is based in the Spruce Grove area, but covers the Greater Edmonton region and beyond. We even have customers in Yellowknife!


Beamz Can Help Take an Idea and Bring It to Reality, Using Key Factors Like:

  • Customer’s Requirements
  • Compatibility With Existing Branding
  • Appropriate Materials
  • Durability In Use
  • Visual Appeal
  • Accuracy
  • Available Budget if Defined

Don’t know what you want? Beamz can help you visualize the idea, based on the concept and values you wish to demonstrate.

The Benefits of Working With Us

Clients who work with us reap all kinds of benefits. Not only can you take advantage of all the above services, but you can also customize them to meet your unique needs. We pride ourselves on offering flexibility in materials and techniques to achieve the exact result you’re looking for. Other benefits of working with Beamz include:

  • Capability to produce one-off projects or repeat items
  • Design tailored to your existing branding
  • Everything you need in one location
  • Support local businesses

Using an Array of Materials

Beamz offers a wide range of engravable material. You can bring in a specific piece you’d like engraved, or we can help you design your project from scratch. Our materials range from organic to non-organic and include nearly anything you could want. We work with metal, glass, wood, acrylic, antler and bone, lamacoids, fabric, vinyl, tile, stone, plastic, and much more.

We’re Committed to Your Satisfaction

When you work with us, you can rest assured that we have your satisfaction in mind. Our team utilizes state-of-the-art technology for each of our projects to ensure optimal results that you’ll love. Perhaps you’ve checked out our list of services but have unique ideas of your own. Be sure to speak with our team anyway! We can customize nearly any of our services to your specific needs. Our team is dedicated to not only meeting but exceeding, your expectations.

Reach Out to Our Team Today