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The BEAMZ 2021 Collection

Show Off Your Company’s Style

Clothing is one of the best ways to promote your company. Getting more eyes on your logo has never been easier than simply wearing a comfortable hoodie around town. At Beamz, we’re proud to help our clients create branded apparel and workwear to promote their business. Our team works with companies and non-profits throughout Edmonton, AB, and the surrounding areas, providing embroidery, headwear, laser engraving, and much more. We have a variety of materials at our disposal, so we’ll be sure to give you the result you envision. Think you can get it cheaper? Talk to us first! We are often very competitive when compared to regular retail stores.


Ask About These Apparel Services

No one wants generic advertising. Fortunately, Beamz has numerous services that you can use to create unique, branded apparel. Whether you’re looking for something simple or grandiose, we can help. Browse our offerings, and let us know which best meets your needs:


Create a classic garment with expert embroidery. This is an excellent way to feature your logo prominently on any clothing item.

Heat Transfer

Heat transfer is another method we can use to give you the perfect workday apparel. Ask us if this option is best for you!


We can add patches to nearly any garment, adding a unique element to otherwise plain fabrics.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is one of our specialties at Beamz. Talk to our team about how this service can enhance your branded apparel.

Shirts, Sweatshirts, & Jackets

Your employees and customers will love sporting your logo on their shirts and jackets. We can also create branded pants and shorts.


If you habitually wear baseball caps, this offering is for you! Our team will embroider hats with your logo in nearly any colour.

Coveralls & Other Workwear

Have an idea for another clothing item you’d like branded? We’d love to hear from you! Let us know your plans, and we’ll work to accommodate you.

Everything You Need in One Place

No matter what you need your logo embroidered on, Beamz is here to help. We’re Edmonton’s go-to for all kinds of branded apparel. In addition to clothing, we can also create promotional items and print advertising for your business or non-profit. Sit down with our team to discuss your needs, and we’ll get to work fashioning a perfect product.

Reach Out to Our Team Today