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Choose Us for Your Next Awards Banquet

Everyone loves to be congratulated on their success. Awards are an excellent motivator for employees and can go a long way to overall employee satisfaction. The professionals at Beamz can help to design and create beautiful awards and recognitions that your employees will remember forever. We’re dedicated to providing exceptional trophies, medals, and much more to our Edmonton clients.


Engraving Your Special Glassware

Glass plaques and prizes are an excellent choice when showing your employees that you appreciate their hard work. Our team can help you design glassware to award your staff and engrave them for a personal touch. We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure a top-quality result that award recipients will love. At Beamz, you can even customize your awards for an unforgettable, unique look. Companies and non-profits throughout Edmonton, AB trust us for exceptional customer service and excellent products.

Trophies to Commemorate Success

Perhaps you want to present your employee of the month with a trophy, or maybe you want to honor the MVP of the Little League team you coach. No matter the occasion, Beamz is here to help you create trophies that will commemorate success for years to come. We work with a variety of materials, and we can fashion nearly any type of trophy you envision.

Present Your Team With Medals

Need something small yet meaningful to reward your team with? Medals are a fantastic way to show your appreciation or recognize a job well done. We can create medals from nearly any material you could want, including various metals, glass, and plastic. Simply let us know your vision for this type of award, and we’ll make it a reality. We can even engrave them with the recipient’s name!

Your One-Stop-Shop for Accolades and Recognition

Whether you need a massive plaque or a few small medals, we can do it all. The team at Beamz is here to help you design and produce accolades for your hard-working team. Based in Edmonton, we’re pleased to serve our community and the surrounding towns. We strive to be your one-stop-shop for any engraved awards and recognitions you could need.

Reach Out to Our Team Today